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Oi! No painting in the Street

Ken Howard, Roy Connelly and Peter BrownAbove: Ken Howard, Peter Brown, Roy Connelly – click to view


This is a recent interview with Ken Howard RA in which he talks about the difficulties encountered when painting on the streets of London.  The problem is not one of perspective,  capturing the light or changing weather but of being moved on under the spurious excuse of ‘health and safety’.

I was pleased to get a mention in the article, along with Pete the Street – Peter Brown NEAC.

The Health and Safety Executive saw fit to respond with a letter defending common sense:

“Real health and safety is about dealing with risks that are likely to cause serious harm or even death to those in workplaces. I would urge you to challenge those jobsworths who persist in devaluing the real and important stuff by using “elf ‘n’ safety” as an easy excuse for spoiling everyone else’s enjoyment.”

You can read their letter in full here on the HSE website.

Finally, in a humourous response to the original story in the Telegraph, The Guardian newspaper found 10 ‘serious menaces’ in Trafalgar Square that were apparently missed by the wardens.

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A day in London

ready2goToday I delivered 5 paintings to Llewellyn Alexander (Fine Paintings) Ltd in London.  I travelled in on the tube with my trusty box easel and paint bag as well as the framed paintings.  I had wondered how I would get everything there and in the end I put the pictures in a large portfolio for extra protection.

I met up with fellow artist Richard Price and we each painted a couple of small pictures in Trafalgar Square. The light was good despite the sun going in and out all day and the wind that did its best to blow debris on the wet paint.

Landscape painter Karl Terry spotted us on his way home from the Chelsea Flower Show and his wife found herself painted into our pictures. Thanks Jo for being so patient!

Thanks also to Lucy for the squeeze of cadmium red 😉

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