Spring in Oxford

Oil painting of OxfordSpring in Oxford, oil on linen, 20 x 24 inches (50 x 60cm)

Above: the painting nearing completion.  As usual, this picture was painted entirely on location.  There was a gap of two weeks between beginning the painting and going back to finish it. You will notice that when I started (photo below) the trees were bright pink with blossom. When I returned for the second session they had turned green, fortunately I had got far enough with the trees to have got away with it!

blank canvas Oxfrod

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2 Responses to Spring in Oxford

  1. Lovely silvery light and beautiful sky!

  2. Lovely painting Roy! I know what you mean about the trees. I keep meaning to go out and paint the blossom every Spring, when I go back the spot, it’s always already fallen.
    Spring is a fleet footed mistress, isn’t she?
    Kind regards, Steve.

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