Caution Wet Paint

Raindrops on my palette
Raindrops on my palette

This evening I found myself rushing to try and finish a picture before the rain started.  I was set up on a hill and could see the rain sweeping towards me across the valley.

The rain won on this occassion.  I often finish pictures in the rain and sometimes even start them in the rain. Working in oils it is possible to carry on in quite bad weather  when my watercolour colleagues have long packed up.
It is quite easy to remove enough water from the palette to keep painting just by giving it a good shake (remember to remove the dipper first).  In theory the paint stays in place and the water slides off. In practice, well, that depends on how much you like to thin your paint.
If you have any tips or comments on painting in adverse onditions you can add them using the comments link below.

2 thoughts on “Caution Wet Paint”

  1. Roy, Iv’e just discovered your blog, it looks very interesting. I am in the process of setting up to paint en plein air and had settled on a pochade box and tripod. But looking at your set up i’m having second thoughts. I like the idea of having more irregular shaped boards.
    Anyway, great paintings, Best wishes, Lynda

  2. Box easels are very versatile and also allow you to walk away from your painting and look at it from a distance. I find working with a pochade I need to put it down every so often to be able to get a fresh look at what I am doing.

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