Which easel or pochade and tripod for Plein Air Painting? — 6 Comments

  1. Looking good, Roy! Expensive, though, RE the Open Box M. But if it gets you out there painting, that’s worth it, right? All the best, Alison

  2. Hi there

    Really like your website it is really helpful, I have just started plein air painting and I want to keep the costs down setting up a kit, can I ask could I use a camera tripod to attach to a box somehow with a nut do you think that would be possible as the costs for the full kit are pretty expensive as I may only paint a couple of times a year as in the due to the weather is rubbish. Many thx

  3. I am wanting to do a similar thing. Is it possible to mount this bracket to good size pochade box that I could use a sturdy quick release mechanism? If so is there also a universal quick release apparatus that you would recommend that will work with the tripod pictured here?

    (Yes, that would work. A lot of people do that. Before I got my current set-up I used one of these to connect a pochade box to a camera tripod:
    Good luck!)

  4. Hi Ginger. Yes, it is possible to fix that bracket to a pochade box. I’m not familiar with that tripod so couldn’t say if you can fit a quick release mechanism. It might be possible, if you are able to remove the head from tripod legs and replace it with a head that has a quick replease plate, like the Manfrotto I link to above.

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