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Chelsea Riverside Auction

As well as being a fun evening, the auction at Heatherleys was a great success.  It was an exciting experience seeing my painting of Albert Bridge auctioned by Nick Bonham, formerly of  the Bonhams auction house.  Nick has auctioned over a million works of art in his career.

Other artists in the auction included Julian Barrow, Ken Howard and Jane Corsellis.  Both Ken and Julian were there along with many of the other artists taking part in the Chelsea Riverside exhibition.

Congratulations to Adebanji Alade, who won first price in the competition and many thanks to David Waddell and the Cheyne Walk Trust for organising the event.

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Chelsea Riverside Exhibition

The Cheyne Walk Trust is raising funds for a bursary for young artists at Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea.

There will be an exhibition of paintings of the Chelsea Riverside at Heatherleys 18 – 22 April, 2 – 6pm.

On the evening of Thursday 22nd April there will be a reception, prize giving ceremony and an auction. Prizes will be presented by Ken Howard RA.

Full details here: Chelsea Exhibition The cover image is a detail from my painting of Albert Bridge which will feature in the auction.

If you would like to reserve tickets for the Reception and Auction click here: Reception tickets for Chelsea Riverside

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London to Venice in 20 minutes



I have work in two exhibitions in London at the moment.  ‘London Seen’ is a group show of London paintings at Llewellyn Alexander Fine Paintings.

‘Venice in Peril’ is also a group show,  in this case featuring paintings of Venice.  This popular annual exhibition, at W.H. Patterson in Albermarle Street, helps to raise funds for restoration projects in that most beautiful city.

At Venice in Peril there are works by Ken Howard, Auguste Bouvard, Ivan Lapper, David Sawyer, Robert E Wells, Roy Connelly, Jonathan Trowell, John Stillman and other talented artists.

London Seen features Tom Coates, Bruce Yardley, Roy Connelly, Liam O’Farrell, Terry McKifragan, Robert E Wells, Fraser King and others

If you fancy seeing both wonderful cities in a day, its only a short 20 minute walk between the two galleries.

London Seen Llewellyn Alexander Fine Paintings
11 January – 10 February 2010

Venice in Peril W. H. Patterson
13 January – 5 February 2010

The paintings above show the view from Riva Degli Schiavoni in Venice with San Giorgio on the left and the Doges Palace (under scaffolding) on the right,  Santa Maria Della Salute is in the distance.

Below that is a view of Cleopatra’s Needle by the River Thames in London.

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A work in progress




Earlier this week I was painting the River Thames at Strand on the Green.   The top picture shows the painting a couple of minutes after I started.  I have used very thin paint to draw in the basic composition. 

The middle photograph was taken twenty minutes later.  With a dramatic and fast moving sky I needed to work quickly to capture it.  The trees are a little more solid but the river is still almost untouched.

The last photo shows the painting an hour later.  The trees and river have been worked on together, with a little more work on the sky. By this point the day was starting to brighten up and touches of blue were appearing in the sky.  It was time stop as I did not want to end up with one scene painted on top of another.

I was working in oils on an 8 x 16 inch board.   Click on each image for a larger view.

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Fleeting Effects

South Bank Summer Evening
South Bank Summer Evening

This picture was painted on the South Bank of the Thames in London yesterday afternoon.  It was painted very quickly to catch the effect of the light reflecting off the water between the bridge supports.  It is an effect that only occurs for about twenty minutes so it was necessary to work fast.

The background was painted rapidly in thin paint and the high lights off the water painted next in thicker paint – fat over lean as they say.

The figures were painted on location but after the sun had moved around and much of the sparkle had faded.  The shadows had to be moved back to match the position of the sun when the sparkle was painted.

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Big Ben Paintings



Big Ben is one hundred and fifty years old. On this day in 1859 the Great Bell was struck for the first time.  Originally it was only the bell that was known as Big Ben but most people now use the name to refer to the clock tower as well.

Painting outside in London, I have painted the clock tower many times and it can can be seen in the back ground of the pictures above.

French Impressionist Claude Monet painted Big Ben when he visited London the 1870’s. You can see his picture The Thames Below Westminster at the National Gallery in London.

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Recent Painting trips

I have been very busy recently and thought I should post a few photos from my recent painting trips:

Working by the Thames at the Henley Regatta…

Henley Regatta

Waterloo Bridge at sunset…


Painting a stately home in Oxfordshire last week I had to retreat into the temple to avoid the rain…


Painting Waterloo Bridge and the city from Hungerford footbridge…


A closer shot of the painting in situ…


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London’s Salon Des Refusés


The summer show at Llewellyn Alexander Fine Paintings opens on Monday 8th June. Titled Not the Royal Academy 2009, this fine exhibition is London’s answer to the Salon des Refusés.

Every painting is for sale and may be taken by the buyer straight away, creating space for another to be displayed. Paintings will be on show for three weeks, after which new work will be hung.

Last year I was very pleased to hear that my painting of Kensington Gardens was the first to sell when the exhibition opened.

124-126 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE 1 8LN UK
(Opposite the Old Vic Theatre)
Tel: 020 7620 1322/1324 Fax: 020 7928 9469
e-mail enquiries@NotTheRoyalAcademy.com

The Gallery is open from 10am until 7.30pm. Monday to Saturday.

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