In November 2013 on of my regular trips to paint in Venice I was joined by quite a few friends from the UK, Spain and the US.
This is a short film I made between paintings. All 13 of us are in it somewhere although I didn’t catch everyone painting.
It is intended to be a reminder of the trip for those that were there but I thought I would also share it here.

It’s in 720HD so watch it full screen and turn up the sound. I hope you enjoy it.

This is a short film I made to show a typical wet plein air painting day on my recent trip. Like the day itself, there’s a lot of weather and a little bit of painting.

For artists, painting outside is a great way to capture a scene and you get to meet people who are interested in your work. Some of them are like the guy in this short animation I created. It’s just a bit of fun but the questions are all genuine, if you paint outside I’m sure you’ll recognise them…

2 Responses to Videos

  1. Karl says:

    Love your videos roy! Been too long must catch up

  2. Jon macadam says:

    Nice work Roy! Love that you get out there in lots of weather. Good idea to use the back of the car as a shield from the rain!

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