Strand on the Green

River Thames at Strand on the Green

I worked pretty fast on this 24 x 30 inch canvas to try and catch the light before it changed.  The whole scene became gradually more blue as the sun moved around and I stopped work just before lunch.  After a bite to eat with friends at a nearby cafe I returned to my easel just before the rapidly rising tide reached it.  I will go back to the location tomorrow to finish it off – light permitting.

I returned the following morning hoping to finish it off but the light was totally different.  I worked a little on the foreshore then left it to finish another day.  I am now waiting for a day when the tide is lowest at 11am and with a clear sky but before the leaves come out on the trees.  Hopefully that is not too much to ask for.  Below you can see the picture as it is at the moment.

Strand on the Green - oil painting by Roy Connelly

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4 Responses to Strand on the Green

  1. Alan Lawson says:

    Really nice. I’d like to see the finished result.

  2. Alan Lawson says:

    That’s lovely, the foreground reminds me of Edward Seago.

  3. Excellent piece Roy. Nice harmony with the sky colours, very well balanced.

  4. Great mood in the atomosphere!!!

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