The Art of French Easel Maintenance — 6 Comments

  1. Roy, how I sympathise on french easel maintenance. The worst damage comes when you close it with the drawer slightly open! There is a lot of leverage there on those poor little screws.

  2. Roy,
    I really appreciate your tips on easel maintenance.
    Have you looked at the Easyl by Art Essentials I have had mine for several years and really like it. The blox is light weight and mounts to a camera tripod. My box fits in to a back pack and I strap the tripod to the bottom of the pack.

  3. Sorry but once a year oiling it isn’t just enough when using it under those conditions.

    Better is it to oil it regularly with thinned down linseed oil and when used every day a good thing is to oil the screws and nuts as well, they become a little sticky that way and prevent that the screws and nuts will loosen up during transport. I use thinned down linseed with a little liquine added as well to make it even a little more water repellent.

    Nice, very nice blog btw.!

  4. Rene, I think you are right. The manufacturers, Jullian, recommend oiling the wood once a year but I don’t think they expect their easels to be used every day. I regularly use a 3in1 light machine oil on the screw threads to stop them seizing up.

  5. So, after ten years of use do you think I should oil my easel? 🙂

    I purchased a fairly cheap easel as I couldn’t justify a Marbef when I started painting. I always thought the loose screws and split timber were the price I was paying for paying the price I paid. Maybe my easel deserves a little more credit, and TLC, than I’d been giving it.

    Thanks for this.

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