Chelsea Riverside Auction

As well as being a fun evening, the auction at Heatherleys was a great success.  It was an exciting experience seeing my painting of Albert Bridge auctioned by Nick Bonham, formerly of  the Bonhams auction house.  Nick has auctioned over a million works of art in his career.

Other artists in the auction included Julian Barrow, Ken Howard and Jane Corsellis.  Both Ken and Julian were there along with many of the other artists taking part in the Chelsea Riverside exhibition.

Congratulations to Adebanji Alade, who won first price in the competition and many thanks to David Waddell and the Cheyne Walk Trust for organising the event.

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2 Responses to Chelsea Riverside Auction

  1. Lucy Grindley says:

    I attended the auction and was wondering what the resulting sum collected was and whether you reached your target? Please let me know.

    Many thanks
    Lucy Grindley

  2. Roy says:

    Total sales came to over £26,000 so I think it was a very successful evening.

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