Venice on film

Last November on my annual trip to paint in Venice I was joined by quite a few friends from the UK, Spain and even the US.
There were 13 of us in all and this is a short film I made between paintings.  We are all in it somewhere although I didn’t catch everyone painting.
It is intended to be a reminder of the trip for those that were there but I though I would also share it with everyone else.

It’s in 720HD so watch it full screen and turn up the sound. I hope you enjoy it.

Paintings by myself and several others on the trip are on show at the Mine Gallery in Carshalton. Impressions of Venice runs until 30 March 2013.

Artists on the film that are in the show are:
David Bachmann
Roy Connelly
Tony Dakin
Tim King
Valérie Perlot
Michael Richardson
Haidee-Jo Summers
Karl Terry

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5 Responses to Venice on film

  1. christine corver says:

    Great movie, and the music is so well chosen, congratulations!

  2. Great little film. nice to see friends at work in such a lovely enviornment. And lots of beautiful clear shots of Venice. How do you keep it all so smooth, do you use a ‘steadicam’ thingy? My efforts are always wobbley.

  3. Roy says:

    Thanks Christine and Andrew, I’m glad you liked it. It was shot hand-held on a Panasonic Lumix compact camera which has a built in image stabiliser, which was good for static shots but less so for moving ones. It probably also helps that I was a TV cameraman before I became a full-time painter.

  4. Andrew Taylor says:

    I can tell you were a cameraman, by the general quality as well as the steadiness. I’ve a Panasoneic FZ45,it has brilliant video facility and teriffic sound recording mic too. Amazing what these litle cameras can do. I think I need to buy od make a steadicam contraption to get better results with mine when on the move.

  5. Janet Poole says:

    That’s as nice a little film of Venice as I have seen for a long time; very atmospheric, beautifully put together and great music. Would make a lovely advert for a painting trip!

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